Front Wheel Drive Moped in England – 1962 VéloSoleX 2200

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Post Listing Update: This Solex was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

The brand name of Solex goes back to the 1910s, back when they were known for the production of automotive parts like radiators and carbs. In 1940, one of the founders (Marcel Mennesson) built a prototype motor and mounted it on a bicycle. After years of testing, it would become known as the VéloSoleX, and it debuted in 1946. It was very successful as post-war transportation thanks to minimal acquisition and operating costs. Fast forward to June of 1961, when the model 2200 is introduced with a massive power bump from 0.5 hp to 0.6 hp!

In 1962, the 2200 V2 is introduced with one key difference – now when the front brake is applied, the throttle is partially closed. Production would run through October of 1964, when the 3300 was introduced. Other features of the 2200 include 19″ wheels and an automatic centrifugal clutch. The Solex may not have been class-leading, but the company was good at attracting youngsters to the model. Per Cyclemaster, “They made Velosolex toys, and the factories had excellent facilities for children on hand when their parents visited the factory.” Amusingly enough, Solexes are still used in racing to this day – check out this madness from Rock’N Solex:

Find this VéloSoleX for sale in Bristol, England with a BIN of approximately $645