1978 Yamaha DT400

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Post Sale Update: This DT400 sold for $2,125 after 26 bids on eBay.

When it was introduced in 1975, the Yamaha DT400 was well-loved by the press. Despite that, it wasn’t particularly success from a commercial standpoint as emissions rules tightened and Yamaha replaced the two-stroker with the legendary XT/TT 500. As the end of the production run came nigh, the DT’s styling had evolved to emulate one-piece bodywork.

Journalists liked the DT because it weighed less than 300 pounds and it was versatile. The 24 horsepower/24 lb-ft of output was fed through a 5-speed transmission, and it was best suited with the throttle pulled wide open. Great for short bursts (or magazine test), less so for an all-day adventure in the dirt. In 1977, Yamaha gave the DT a monoshock rear end, but by that point the development dollars were focused on the XT. For more on the Yamaha DT400, check out this Retrospective from Rider Magazine.

This example (VIN: 1M2111490) has been recently serviced and is said to be ready to ride (though you’ll want to replace the tires soon). The bodywork is original with some minor touch-ups to the paint. The service included a few new parts like a spark plug and battery. Find this DT for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah with bidding up to $1,500

The seller is also offering a same year little brother DT250 but he doesn’t have any photos. Find that bike