Game Intermission – Timing Lights

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Let’s all play a game together – test your reaction time with the timing lights that start off a F1 race!

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a stretch as to how relevant this is to motorcycling, but F1 start lights are similar to MotoGP lights so I’m going to pretend like it counts. Plus it just seems like a quick way to have some fun.

To play, just click this link and follow the instructions. The amount of time it takes before the lights go out varies so you can’t predict it perfectly.

Got a time? Good. Now you can compare yourself with some of the world’s best at practicing with timing lights: actual F1 drivers! To be fair, they only get one shot and didn’t have any time to prepare, whereas you get unlimited tries.

This was the best I could do before I realized I had wasted too much time on this. Did you beat me?