Giveaway For A Vet – 2013 Honda NC700X

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A generous donor is offering up his Honda NC700X (notable for its DCT transmission which removes the need for a clutch lever and shift pedal) – but only to “honorably discharged US Veterans that have lost their left leg or left foot, who still have the desire to ride motorcycles – either as a new rider or as a returning rider.”

This giveaway is being run by Starr Cycle, a motorcycle dealership in North Mankato, Minnesota. As they put it, “the goal of this no-strings attached giveaway is to give a very special and appreciated Veteran the opportunity to still ride a motorcycle after giving so much for our country.” There’s some criteria that the new owner will have to meet, but they’ll be receiving a NC700X that looks to be in good cosmetic shape despite having almost 60,000 miles on the odometer. The bike has apparently gone to all four corners of the US and into Canada on previous adventures, and it’s just been given a full service.

Said criteria:
1) He or she is an honorably discharged American Veteran
2) He or she has received a Purple Heart Medal for combat wounds, in loss of their left leg or left foot
3) He or she has been fitted with a prosthesis which allows them to walk and support weight
4) He or she has a strong will to ride motorcycle, either as a new rider or a returning rider
5) He or she has completed or is willing to participate in a Motorcycle Safety Course (which if not already completed, the cost of the course will be donated by Starr Cycle); if the giveaway applicant does not have a motorcycle endorsement- completion of this class earns the participant that endorsement!
6) He or she has access to discretionary income of no less than $500 per year to meet registration, insurance, service, fuel and various maintenance and operating costs of the motorcycle
7) He or she has a garage, shed space or at the very least off-street parking near his or her residence to securely park or store the motorcycle
8) He or she has had no felony convictions
9) He or she will not accept this motorcycle with the intent of selling, trading, also giving it away or using it to help achieve a different goal he or she may have. Recipient selection will be at the sole discretion of the donor
10) The finalists in the selection process will need to provide proof regarding their answers to the above 9 criteria points. Finalists will be asked for a character reference from a former commanding officer, current VA doctor or physical therapist

Find more information about this giveaway (including how to apply) here at Starr Cycle in North Mankato, Minnesota.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Jack W!

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