Guess That Bike Revealed – Classic Italian Engine Edition

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10/8 Update: Sorry for the delay – Alex Tyrol was the first to identify that this is indeed a Sertum. Here’s a few photos to help you determine which model it is – but I’m still in shock about BeezaGeeza’s photo, which looks like it was taken in almost the same place at a different time…

10/4 Update: Looks like we need to see some more of the bike, so here’s the tank!

While we were putting around in the Dolomites yesterday, I noticed an old bike off in the distance that I couldn’t identify. When I finally got right up next to it, I was able to determine what it was – but I had never heard of the marque before. Can you figure out what it is?

Let’s start with the motor, and if this isn’t enough information I’ll add some more detail tomorrow. Your only hint for now is that it’s Italian!

As always, you can click this image to enlarge it. What does this power?