Guess That Bike Revealed – NZ Museum Edition, Part 2

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Congrats to yrrah, who was the first to determine that this museum bike is a Peugeot P515! He ended up removing his guess to keep things interesting, and clasqm was next on the draw (with a photo as evidence, to boot).

Per Sheldon’s EMU, there were several versions of the P515:
“…the changes made over the six years of production were so numerous that to describe in detail would require several pages. The monitoring of evolution is made difficult by the constant waltz of appellations. The sequence is easily lost with the multiple versions N, L, GT, S, GTS, NL, HL, RL, which may be summarized as follows: N, S and NL versions are basic models with simple finishes; the more luxurious versions L, HL and RL have much more chrome; finally, the GT and GTS versions bring together almost all options listed in the factory catalogue.”

The museum plaque simply says “1938 Peugeot 515”, but I can’t tell which model it is. My best guess, based on the exhaust style and placement, is that it is a SP (which of course isn’t even on the list above from Sheldon’s EMU). What I can tell you is that it sold at Mecum Las Vegas 2015 from the Sinless Cycles collection and made its way to a New Zealand collection – it presumably is now on loan to the museum.

Thanks to Ted Clough for his excellent Guess That Bike submissions! Got one that you think will stump your fellow Bike-urious readers? Let me know…

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