Guess That Bike Revealed – Prototype Edition

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Congratulations to HaNo2, who was the first to identify this bike as the Aprilia Shiver!

My poor Japanese translation from BiG MACHINE is that ‘it was introduced at the Bologna motor show in February with a form that is a muscle style that is the same genre as Ducati Monster and Buell S1 Lightning, but Shiver’s design is more novel than any existing model.’

Other rough things picked up from the translation are:
– “Headlights with two layers on the top and bottom”
– “A strange silencer shape which brakes the concept of the motorcycle so far.”
– “Around this time, it is like the face of Aprilia that brought out the Moto 6.5 to the world.”
– “Card ignition key under the right seat, there is a possibility that a system which adjusts the ECU with a card will be adopted.”
– It utilized fuel injection and a Rotax V-Twin engine.

Here’s a few more shots for you: