Harley-Davidson Collection

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This is a somewhat different post for me. I’m not the monster Harley fan, and this won’t have much tech in it. It is to alert our readers that the collection in residence at Surf City Garage in Huntington Beach, California is being thinned out. I have been to Surf City in the last 3 years and it is a solid collection of vintage HDs. They all present very well, and some may be concours material. One look at the homepage should give you a clue about the reason for the quality of the display.

There are two bikes offered currently, I’ll provide links to both. I do not specifically remember either bike from the collection but I certainly remember the overall quality of the group. There are more that will be offered, for those that are interested.

Both of these auctions end on Thursday, December 8th.

harley-davidson-hydra-glide-right-side1957 Hydra Glide. I’m sure this isn’t stock paint, and I am also sure that it is simply beautiful. It’s offered with a bunch of extras (including a service offer) with a current price of $9,338.00 and reserve not met. Buy It Now price is $16,999.00

harley-davidson-duo-glide1960 FLH. Listed as an 18,362 mile original. All the bikes they are selling include a credit for service. Current price is $8,599.00 with reserve not met, a Buy It Now price of $28,000