Heathkit Boonie Bike GT-18

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Heathkit was founded in 1926 in Saint Joseph, Michigan as a subsidiary of the Heath Company – they sold light aircraft kits. But they didn’t hit their peak until after World War II, when they offered electronic kits such as oscilloscopes. In 1968, they got in on the mini bike craze with the GT-18, which was marketed as the “Boonie Bike”.

Photo from Pin Repair.

The Boonie used a 206cc, 5 horsepower Briggs & Stratton motor and was capable of 30 miles per hour thanks to a 2-speed transmission. Like the Honda EZ-Snow featured recently, this bike had an optional “Ski Accessory” that you could bolt onto the front wheel. Check out this 3/17/1969 article on Sports Illustrated entitled “Two New Motorbikes are Designed for Heavy Duty in Rough and Remote Areas” which refers to the Boonie Bike and the Rokon Trailbreaker: “It is an oddity of marketing when a vehicle is offered to buyers not for its speed but because it goes slow.” I thought it was interesting to see a profile in SI, but if you’re really looking for information on this contraption, head on over to Pin Repair for the most comprehensive source I could find.

This example is said to be complete and all-original with the exception of the golf ball shifter knob. Find this Boonie Bike for sale in Santee, California for $1,250 or best offer here on Craigslist.

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