Import Only – 1981 Honda CB1100RB

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5-27 Update: This Honda CB1100RB is back up for sale with a lower BIN price of $7,370

The Honda CB1100RB was the first of a series of exotic limited production Hondas built from ’81 to ’83. Based on the CB900F, this was a single-seat, half-faired race replica that is considered to be Honda’s first ‘homologation special.’ Only 1,050 of the RB’s were sold – none in the United States, making this a rare find. We rarely stray outside of the US for a featured bike, but this will absolutely worth the import paperwork for a 80s Honda fan.

Honda CB1100RB - Front

This bike produced an impressive 115 horsepower at 9000 rpm, and was the first production Honda with twin-piston brake calipers and nitrogen-charged piggyback shocks. It weighed a surprising 518 pounds, but was still the fastest bike available at the time. Capable of 149 miles per hour, the long wheelbase made it incredible stable at high speeds, though tight maneuvers were not easy. This bike is a little-known milestone in Honda’s history. After this, air-cooled Honda racers disappeared from the map, as the liquid-cooled V-Four took over as the engine of choice.

Honda CB1100RB - Gauges

This specific Honda CB1100RB was imported from France. It has a good amount of miles on it, but the cosmetics are in decent shape. The seller notes the cosmetic flaws and states that this would be a complete, solid starting point for a restoration. We think it’s the perfect condition to keep as an exotic but reliable mode of regular transportation. You won’t be upset if gets a little scratch here or there, and you can feel free to restore it a few years from now.

Honda CB1100RB - Rear

Find this Honda CB1100RB here on eBay with a BIN of $10,000 (canadian) in Belleville, Canada.

Honda CB1100RB - Right Side

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