In Canada – 1965 Honda CB160

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UPDATE: This CB160 has sold, thank you for your interest.

Ever since I witnessed my first AHRMA Vintage GP, I’ve been obsessed with the Honda CB160. It’s no speed demon, but it’s the perfect step up from the S90 I irrationally love so much, it’s a well-built small bike, and when it’s raced in AHRMA, the festivities commence with a Le Mans start!

The Le Mans start I witnessed:

With a 10k redline, this 161cc parallel twin engine produced 16 horsepower, which was good for a top speed of nearly 80 miles per hour. It weighs just 290 pounds and was capable of a miserly 75 miles per gallon. Riders enjoyed this bike because Honda incorporated technology from bigger bikes like the tubular frame and single-overhead cam, all for just $530. For more information, check out this “Classics Remembered” piece by Kevin Cameron on Cycle World, in which Kevin notes that “the CB160 style defined the ‘Honda look’ for a decade“.

This example (VIN: B160-1073979) has 4,164 miles and was acquired by the seller 6 years ago from Ohio by a couple that used it as a runabout vehicle when they were traveling in their RV. It seems to be in well-preserved unrestored shape though there are some “non-standard” fasteners on the engine cases, on one carb, and on the rear seat, so it’s a fair assumption that the motor has been taken apart to some degree in the past. The current owner has adjusted timing, changed the oil, and recently installed new spark plugs. The sale includes the original tool kit and everything is said to work with the exception of missing mirrors (the seller says he might have them lying around somewhere) and the fact that the left carb runs rich. Here’s a start video:

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Brent T!

Here are some additional photos provided by the seller: