Interesting History – 1959 Ducati 200 MotoCross

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Post Listing Update: this Ducati did not meet reserve despite 25 bids up to $12,065.

I’m going to need some Ducati experts to chime in here, because I find this bike fascinating but I don’t know enough about classic Ducatis to know if the seller’s description is accurate. This is claimed to be one of 20 to 25 early “scramblers” built “in a special frame with 200 Elite SS engines”, though this seems to actually be a rare model that Ducati officially called the MotoCross.

There’s occasional references to the MotoCross model online, including this bike previously sold through Bevel Heaven. Mick Walker documented that example, and in a letter to the seller he said “I believe only around 15-20 175 and 200 Motocross machines were made in total”.

Per the seller, this bike was originally owned by Hank Gendusa of Fresno, California. He competed in AMA for over 40 years, and then became an AMA referee afterwards. “Hank set up his Ducati up for desert racing, replacing the 2″ headlight-mounted speedometer with something he could read at desert speeds.” The sale includes some wonderful extras, including Hank’s AMA Referee motorcycle scale, photos, and period leathers plus a helmet.

Find this Ducati for sale in Upland, California with bidding up $6,200