Italian Bonanza

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Reader David N. alerted us to a veritable treasure trove of classic late 80’s Italians, all being offered by one seller outside of Oklahoma City. We’ve actually written descriptions on all of these models of bikes before, so we won’t bore you with individual details this time around. If you want to learn more about the history about any given bike, feel free to click on the links below, which will take you to a previous write-up. Read further below to get links to the exact bikes for sale.

1.) Ducati 750 Sport
2.) Ducati Indiana (we’ve actually featured this exact bike for sale before)
3.) Bimota Mantra
4.) Moto Morini Camel
5.) 2 Ducati 750 Paso‘s

Now, on to the specific bikes for sale. All links go to the specific Craigslist ad:
1.) 1990 Ducati 750 Sport – $5,500
Ducati 750 Sport - Front

2.) 1987 Ducati Indiana 650 – $5,000
Ducati Indiana 650 - Gauges

3.) 1998 Bimota Mantra – $9,500
Bimota Mantra - Right Side

4.) 1986 Moto Morini Camel 501 – $5,000
Moto Morini Camel 501 - Left Side

5.) 1988 and 1989 Ducati 750 Paso (both on same listing) – $5,000
Ducati Paso 750 - Right Side

We’d say the 750 Sport is possibly a good deal, while the Camel is overpriced (though it’s hard to find them!) The photos aren’t spectacular, but the opportunity to bring one giant trailer and come home with your own Italian collection is too good of a daydream to ignore!