JDM Import – 1987 Yamaha RZV500

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Post Listing Update: This RZV did not meet reserve despite 39 bids up to $16,500 on eBay in Seattle, Washington.

Imported from Japan, this RZV500 is currently titled in Washington State so you’d be fine enjoying it in any state but California.

The RZV was a Japan-only model which was limited to 64 horsepower – but that’s easily fixed with a combination of opening up the restricted exhaust pipes and re-jetting the carbs. Then you’re back to the proper 90 ponies. For more on the RZV, check out this “Used Ride” story from BikeReview.co.au.

This example has 5,060 miles (9,430 kilometers) on the odometer, and the seller says that it is “mostly all original and in exceptional preserved condition.” It was recently given a service that included an ultrasonic carb clean, oil change, and some new parts – brake pads, chain, spark plugs, and tires. Everything is said to work, and the only cosmetic issue seems to be a dent on the right muffler.

Find this RZV for sale in Seattle, Washington with bidding up to $15,800

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