Kitted Cub – 1966 Honda C100 with Roadster Kit

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While Honda found success with its small step-through models in most markets, the Japanese marque struggled to sell scooters in the same numbers in the US. Honda looked to change this with the introduction of what it called the “Custom Group”, consisting of four different add-on kits (the Roadster, Rally, Boss, and Student) designed to make little runners like the C100 and CM90 a bit sexier. Said kits were installed at dealerships, and the most interesting of the four (in my opinion) was the Roadster kit.

The Roadster kit sold for just $50 in the late ‘60s, (which translates to just shy of $400 in 2018), something of a bargain considering it came with a new top tank, speedo, cafe seat, fender, steering neck, triple clamps, handlebars, and a few other minor odds and ends. Unfortunately the kits were purely cosmetic and didn’t increase power or performance in any capacity. Despite its efforts, Honda would pull the plug on the project by the dawn of the ‘70s, and supposedly only a few dozen kitted examples were ever sold, making them pretty, pretty, pretttttttyyy seldom finds.

According to the seller, this ’66 C100 is in great condition, with “everything” reportedly in working order. This kitted Cub supposedly boasts a clean title and is fully road legal too. This particular C100 example is said to have had its Roadster kit installed at the dealership roughly half-a-century-ago. Included in the sale are the rest of the stock parts that were removed when the kit was installed, meaning this Cub could be restored back to its original state, but seriously, why would you want to do that?

You can find this 1966 Honda C100 with the add-on Roadster Kit for sale here on Craigslist in Weatherford, Texas with a price of $2,000.

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