Limited Edition – 2014 Honda Monkey Kumamon

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Post Sale Update: This limited edition Honda sold for the BIN of $6,750.

We’re on a Monkey kick this week! First there was my review of the upcoming 2019 Monkey, and today we’re going back in time a few years for a limited edition. This bike was originally only offered in Japan, a country that has a prolific history of cute character mascots such as Hello Kitty. Knowing that these mascots can be great for awareness, one of Japan’s 47 prefectures called Kumamoto created their own mascot in 2010 and named it “Kumamon”.

Kumamon is absurdly popular – in 2015, the mascot earned $1 BILLION, mostly through licensing fees. That explains why in 2014, Honda created a limited edition of the already-adorable Monkey with Kumamon logos, color palette, and special key:

You should be familiar with the Monkey by now, but as a 2014 model this has fuel injection to feed the 49cc motor. This example has less than 1,000 miles and it looks great with the exception of some light corrosion on the motor that the seller says can be cleaned off. The seller will also “provide a plate and title for an additional $150”, and you should absolutely take him up on that.

Find this limited edition Monkey for sale in San Jacinto, California with a BIN of $6,750 or best offer

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