McQueen Owned – 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer

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When it comes to the most expensive motorcycles that have sold at auction, there’s only one list you can trust – The Vintagent’s. If you poke around there, you’ll see that the #1 spot is taken by a Cyclone Board Track Racer. That’s why a whole bunch of people are waiting to see what the selling price will be for another Cyclone that’s going on the block in a month in a Mecum auction.

Mecum estimates a sale price between $650k-$750k, which would make it the most expensive bike ever sold at public auction. It was formerly owned by Steve McQueen and was restored by Stephen Wright. For more information on the Cyclone, check out the Mecum listing directly. And stay tuned – I’ll do my usual auction preview for this event in a couple of weeks.

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