Never Ridden – 1972 AJS Stormer 410

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Post Listing Update: This Stormer did not get any interest at the BIN of $10,000.

The pictures in this listing are shit, but this does provide the rare opportunity for you to get an unridden 44 year old British off-roader…if you’re into that.

When the Stormer was introduced, it was the first motocross bike with leading axle forks and forward mounted shocks. The chassis was apparently fairly impressive, but the Villiers Starmarker 250cc engines were lackluster. For more on the Stormer, check out this profile on Motocross Action Magazine. That article notes that 410 was introduced in 1973, so either MXA is wrong or this seller (who says his bike is a ’72) is mistaken.

AJS Stormer 410 - Engine - Right Side

This example has never been ridden or even had gas in it and it comes with the original owners manual. I’m not sure a museum would be particularly interested in this bike so it’s probably going to another collection. Find this Stormer for sale in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with a BIN of $10,000 or best offer

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