Never Started – 1982 Honda Motocompo

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Post Listing Update: This Motocompo did not meet reserve despite 38 bids up to $5,600.

12-2-18 Update: Almost a year later, this Motocompo is back up for sale. Looks like the scale model has disappeared, and now it’s across the country, but otherwise it seems to be the same. Find it for sale in Dover, Delaware with bidding up to $5,600 and the reserve not yet met

1-29-18 Update: This Motocompo found its way to the Mecum Las Vegas auction, where it sold for $11,000!

Post Listing Update: This Motocompo was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

7-31-17 Update: This Motocompo is back up on eBay with a BIN of $7,500 or best offer

Post Listing Update: Though the opening bid was lowered to $6,750, this Motocompo did not get any action.

I’ve featured a disproportionate amount of Motocompos on this site over the years because I just love how quirky they are. I’m not alone in this sentiment – they’re cult classics in the US and typically get snapped up quick. With all that said, I can easily say this is the most interesting one I’ve ever featured because it’s basically new and it comes with some great extras. Collectors, go nuts.

At the time, Honda sold a subcompact car called the City in Honda, and the Motocompo was designed to fold up so that you could store it in the City’s trunk. Ride into town, park your car, and then get your scooter out for mobility among the masses! The Motocompo was only offered for three years and only in Japan, so they’re hard to find anywhere, especially in the USA. The motor is a 50cc 2-stroke, and the handlebars/seat would fold up almost flush with the bodywork.

This example is as close as I’ve seen to a new one, which also means that I’m extra excited about the seller’s quality job of taking photographs all over the place. Now I can see lots of stickers that normally have faded or peeled after use, like the carrying point markers, helmet holder indicator, and my favorite: the Japanese-English way of saying you can’t touch a certain spot:

The seller states that this bike was in a collection for over 35 years, and then he acquired it from Japan in 2015 with the paperwork required it to register it in any state. If you want him to handle the title, he’ll do so for $250. What excites me much more than the zero mileage is the what the seller is including with the sale. In addition to the original books, manuals, and some parts, it comes with the original box, and even a Motocompo toy that’s in color-matching white! The bike is not perfect – there’s a small paint flaw on the left rear. But this is as good as I’ve seen when it comes to this model.

Find this fantastic time capsule Motocompo for sale in San Jacinto, California with an unmet opening bid of $7,250 or a BIN of $7,500

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