Nice Price – 1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW-01

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We’re making today a Yamaha day, and we’re concluding (unless you’re reading this on the daily email, where you’ll see this post first!) with one of the most special machines to ever come from the Japanese firm. I’ve featured a few OW-01s over the years, and even when they don’t meet reserve the bidding stops well north of $15k. The seller of this one is asking for $11,000.

I love the Honda RC30, but Yamaha’s corresponding homologation special makes the Honda look almost common. Just 500 examples were built worldwide, and it came with a $5,000 price premium over the Honda, as well. Both bikes were built to allow the respective manufacturers to compete in WSBK, and it was arguably the closest you could get to a race bike from the dealership floor at the time. The 749cc, 20 valve engine produced 121 horsepower and 51 pound-feet of torque. Dry weight was 412 pounds, and top speed was over 160 miles per hour. Improvements over the stock bike included titanium connecting rods, flat slide carbs, a four-butterfly EXUP valve, and a much higher quality aluminum frame. Other components included top-shelf Nissin four-piston caliper and Ohlins suspension front and rear.

It’s admittedly a bit concerning that the seller of this one doesn’t say anything about this specific bike, just generic comments about the model in general. It has “minor blemishes” and 1,970 miles, but if I was looking for one of these I wouldn’t have even bothered reading through this post, I would have just clicked down to the bottom and tried to get in touch with the seller ASAP. Good luck!

Find this rare Yamaha for sale in Birmingham, Alabama for $11,000 here on Cycle Trader.

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