Nice Price – 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS

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Jeff Pamer: This isn’t the first Z900RS I have shared, and my feelings haven’t changed about them. I would have a hard time arguing that it’s not one of the best retro bikes on the market. This segment is getting quite crowded, and it’s getting tough to pick one out of the lot. This segment, which started as a styling exercise, is now seeing more competition in terms of performance with these classic-looking bikes. I see the Yamaha XSR as the first to push ahead performance expectations from the segment, and we have seen Triumph release the 1200cc line up. But I don’t think that any manufacturer has quite hit the blend of classic design with a modern motorcycle like Kawasaki has with the Z900RS.

[Editor’s Note: but the Katana is coming!]

Released in 2018, the Z900RS is heavily inspired by the iconic 1973 Z1. The styling does, however, take a step forward in time while not deviating too much form the source material. It’s the perfect balance of retro and modern. Much like Yamaha, Kawasaki borrowed a lot of the platform from their most current naked sport bike – the Z900. The frame, however, is different with a longer wheel base and a lifted front end. The bike is powered by a 948cc inline four, which produces a more than adequate 110hp and 73ft/lbs of torque. The engine, which is shared with the Z900, has been tuned specifically for the Z900RS. Kawi tuned it for low-to-midrange power by tweaking compression and cam profiles. The Z900RS comes with two levels of traction control and ABS as standard options. It also comes with a helmet lock, and reportedly the one of the most comfortable seats and riding positions in the segment.

This 2018 Z900RS is being sold by the second owner, which is a very quick turnaround. It only has 2,612 miles on the odometer and looks to be in near new condition. The bike has some extras on it including a tail tidy, frame sliders, and an Arrow exhaust. There is a small chip in the pinstriping on the tank, which seems to have been factored into the selling price, as this is one of the cheapest I have come across.

Find this 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS in Austin, Texas for $6,500 here on Craigslist.