No Reserve – 2017 Yamaha R1M

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Post Listing Update: This R1M was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

I have never used the term ‘slow’ to describe a literbike, but manufacturers always seem to have an answer for more speed. Yamaha’s R1M matched the best electronic engine management and Ohlins electronic suspension software to their formidable crossplane crankshaft engine and moved the chains for grip just a little bit further. The base R1 still makes 199hp, but the software made it usable in a way that just wasn’t possible before. Racers still prefer an analog fork cartridge, but anyone less than a professional has much to benefit from a computer adapting the chassis to less than perfect inputs. Not to mention the carbon fiber bodywork and titanium tank let everyone know you mean business!

Many R1Ms have lived pampered lives in anticipation of climbing values, but usability of the machine meant several models now have a few miles on the clock and a discounted price to match. This example (VIN: JYARN39E1HA004309) has 6,778 miles, and it features a Graves titanium exhaust, while a tail tidy cleans up the rear end. R&G bobbins make the bike rear stand ready should you decide to remove the kickstand for any purpose. The seller lists the reason for selling as a new Ducati sitting in his garage. Track season is just about to start…is the ticket to space you’ve been looking for?

Find this R1 for sale with bidding up to $7,700

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