1975 Kawasaki H2

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Post Listing Update: This H2 did not meet reserve despite 13 bids up to $14,400 on eBay.

The Kawasaki H2 market is picking up right now. With several recent sales having five digit asking prices, the number of bikes available seems to be rising. The 750cc three cylinder two stroke put out 74hp, and carried the coolest men in town to 126 mph. 1970’s chassis engineering was significantly behind that of engines, and the relatively short swingarm did not make speed easily accessible. Skilled riders called it the H2, and everyone else called it the Widowmaker. The H2 underwent some updates to smooth power delivery before production ended in 1975, but that did not make it any less exciting.

This 4,177 mile Kawasaki H2 (VIN: H2F-43305) has been restored to near-showroom condition. An engine out service included pistons, bearings, and seals. The frame and chassis has been refreshed, as well as the paint. The chrome has been polished, with the exception of the original exhaust pipes that did not need it. The ignition (Lakeland Performance) and tires have been has been upgraded, which seems incredibly reasonable if you ask me.

Find this H2 for sale in Milford, Connecticut with bidding up to $12,100 and the reserve not yet met

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