One Owner – 1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo

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Post Listing Update: This XN85 did not meet reserve despite 17 bids up to $5,300 on eBay.

5-13-2019 Update: This XN85 sold almost three years ago, but now that buyer is looking to move on. It’s since moved across the country but the owner has put less than 200 miles on it. Find it in Waitsfield, Vermont with bidding up to $1,525 and the reserve not yet met

Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this XN85 sold for $7,500 after 33 bids.

Thanks to a low pressure turbo, this bike produced 85 horsepower…and that’s how the name of XN85 came about. Thanks to Suzuki’s first utilization of their Full Floater rear suspension and the first application of a 16″ front wheel on a production bike, this was one of the best handling bikes you could buy at the time. Motorcyclist magazine said “Nothing works better in the corners than the Suzuki XN85.” Just 1,153 examples were built over less than a year. Here’s #102, and it’s a nice one-owner example.


Of the 1,153 bikes, 300 were officially imported to the US. For those bikes, MSRP was $4,700. Want to learn more? Check out the only website truly dedicated to the XN85 Turbo. This example (VIN: JS1GP71T202100102) still has the original title, registration, and license plate with a ’86 registration sticker. Over those few years, the bike accumulated 16,617 miles, but it seems that the bike has sat for nearly three decades. The seller says the bike was just given a full service to be road ready, which included fixing a stuck throttle body, cleaning the tank, changing the oil and filter, cleaning the injectors, and a whole bunch more. Sounds like the only flaws right now are old tires, a hesitation right off idle, and stuck gauges – fuel and engine temp. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great start for someone who wants to own the rarest of the Japanese turbos.


Find this XN for sale in Burbank, California with bidding up to $3,650 and the reserve not yet met

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