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1968 Harley Davidson Golf Cart

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This Harley Davidson Golf Cart is not what you’d expect to see from the Milwaukee based motorcycling giant, which is exactly why we had to feature it. Back in 1963, someone at HD decided that making golf carts was “close enough” to making motorcycles, and they started cranking out the carts. They made both gas and electric models – this …

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2006 Harley Davidson V-Rod Destroyer

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The Harley Davidson V-Rod Destroyer was HD’s first ready to go drag bike. Based on a V-Rod (VRSC), and tuned by their in-house Custom Vehicle Operations department, the “Screamin’ Eagle Destroyer”, known by the VRXSE code, was capable of a sub 10 second quarter-mile. We try to avoid featuring bikes available at dealerships, but we had to make an exception …

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2006 Ducati Paul Smart LE

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This Ducati Paul Smart LE was a limited edition bike inspired by the Ducati race bikes of the 1970s – one of which was piloted by Paul Smart to a win at the Imola 200 in 1972. Limited to only 2,000 units worldwide, this is one of the more desirable modern classics to come out of Ducati – and prices …

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2000 Honda XR650L

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The Honda XR650L, known in some circles as the BRP or Big Red Pig, is a legend in the off-road motorcycling community. While some prefer the faster and more dirt-worthy XR650R, this bike has lower maintenance intervals and a history of going around the world – you can probably find parts for it anywhere. Short riders beware, as this is …

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1975 Honda Goldwing

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This Honda Goldwing is from 1975, the first year of production. This bike is now a mainstay in the motorcycle world, with over one million in sales since its inception. The bike has become somewhat of a touring behemoth in recent years, with a flat six engine, cruise control, reverse gear and even an optional airbag. But when it was …

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2011 Zero XU – Electric Wonder

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The Zero XU is an all electric motorcycle designed to be the perfect city commuter for those that would like to stop using gasoline – as long as you won’t miss the sensation of shifting. Realistic range is between 30-35 miles, which admittedly isn’t great. But for those of you with 5-10 mile commutes, this bike could be perfect. Battery …

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2006 Buell Ulysses

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This Buell Ulysses is quite the franken-bike – we’ve never seen a Uly like this! It comes with a few of the usual factory extras, such as the hard bags, but what’s key here are the changes – this bike has a chain drive conversion, a custom front end from a CR, PIAA lights, and an aftermarket exhaust. That custom …

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1972 Hodaka Super Rat

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This Hodaka Super Rat is one of the many dirt-oriented trailies Hodaka created in the 60s and 70s, making these bikes incredibly popular in the US. The Hodaka Super Rat featured a 100cc engine – better suited for kids who weren’t big enough for the 250cc and larger bikes of the world. The signature red frame and chrome gas tank …

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2000 Harley Davidson MT500

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This Harley Davidson MT500 is one of the rarest bikes to ever come out of the HD factory. Originally developed by Armstrong-CCM of Britain in the 80s, the rights to this bike were eventually sold to Harley, who sold just 400 copies of the MT500 in 1999 and 2000. Made for the military, the Harley Davidson MT500 is a dual …

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1969 BSA Firebird

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The BSA Firebird was the swansong of the Birmingham Small Arms company, before the motorcycle division went belly up in 1973. Though it’s not as popular as the Gold Star, this 650cc Scrambler was arguably the best bike BSA made, and in some eyes, this was the ultimate version of the original dual-sport machine. By all accounts, this Beezer should …

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1970 Triumph Tiger Daytona

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This 1970 Triumph Tiger Daytona, also known as the T100R, was named after a Triumph win in the Daytona 200 race. Many people though that this was a better bike than it’s bigger brother, as it had nearly all the power but a much lighter chassis which was easier to maneuver. Cycle World called this bike a “Jekyll and Hyde”: …

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2005 BMW R1200ST

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The BMW R1200ST was the short-lived successor to the R1100RS/R1150RS. One of the best sport-touring bikes ever made, this bike was a commercial failure, due to two factors. Firstly, there was a lot of overlap in the BMW portfolio with this bike, and most riders went with the R1200GS or R1200RT instead. And arguably more importantly…it was an incredibly ugly …

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1974 BMW R75 Sidecar

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This BMW R75 Sidecar checks all the right boxes for a 70s BMW hack – big tank, big tires, color-matched Velorex sidecar with top…this one’s a beauty. What I love seeing most is documentation, and this bike has it in spades. The seller claims to have receipts for all work done, and the listing goes into some detail about the …

2007 Dynamic Choppers Custom

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Well, this Dynamic Choppers Custom will definitely be one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, it’ll be one-of-a-kind in your garage, or in a museum, but not on the road, as it’s a non-rideable showpiece. There’s not much to go on here. For more details, check out this article. Or check out an album of photos here. Find it here on ADVRider for the eye-watering …

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1957 Triumph Thunderbird Sidecar

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This Triumph Thunderbird 650 is already rare by itself. But with a sidecar on the LEFT side? Utterly fantastic. The Thunderbird name has shown up on 3 distinct models of the Triumph line since 1949 – this 6T model is from the original series. The Triumph Thunderbird was created as the firm’s stab at the American market – they bored …