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1964 Ducati Falcon 80

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Post-Listing Update: After not getting any action at $4,800, this Ducati Falcon was relisted at $4,600…where it still got no bites. One of the smallest Ducati’s of all time, the Ducati Falcon 80 has been ignored by most fans. A recent episode of the History Channel show American Restoration brought up awareness of the little Falcon, though the final asking …

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Featured First – 1980 Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis Edition

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Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, this Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis Edition sold for a best offer under $12,999, final sale price unknown. In honor of the famous Sturgis motorcycle rally, HD released the Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis – a FX (Low Rider chassis/engine) customized with a black/orange paint job and a slight extension of the front forks to give it more of …

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350 Miles – 2013 Ducati Diavel AMG

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The Ducati Diavel AMG is a special edition of Ducati’s cruiser, built to celebrate its partnership with the skunkworks of Mercedes. The exclusive features are cosmetic, with 5-spoke wheels, exhaust, and alcantara seat all designed to remind of you of their counterparts in AMG cars. The engine’s no slouch, though – you’ll get 162 horsepower, 94 ft-lb of torque, and …

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1958 Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster

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Post-Listing Update: The sale of this bike did not go through. It was relisted several times, eventually dropping to $12,000, until finally the bike was pulled off without a sale. In 1957, HD introduced the world to its Sporster. The next year, they released only 711 copies of the Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster, which was a higher-compression touring model, starting a …

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Production Racer – 1967 Yamaha TD1-C

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2-15 Update: This Yamaha is back up for sale, with bidding up to $6,660 and the reserve not yet met here on eBay. Post-Listing Update: This TD1-C did not meet reserve at $12,634.99 – it was relisted but then only got up to $7,600 the second time around. Produced for two years, the Yamaha TD1-C was a grand improvement over …

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1998 Bimota V-Due

In Italy, Sport by Abhi2 Comments

Post-Listing Update: As might be expected, the high opening bid scared everyone off. This Bimota V-Due did not attract any bids @ $19,000. The V-Due is one of the most interesting things that ever came out of Bimota. It came out to tremendous fan-fare: the first two-stroke with fuel injection with a greater power to weight ratio than anything else …

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1978 Moto Morini 3 1/2 Sport

In Italy, Sport by Abhi6 Comments

Post-Listing Update: This Moto Morini 3 1/2 Sport was removed from eBay, final sale price unknown. If I created some sort of “Dictionary of Motorcycling”, the Moto Morini 3 1/2 Sport would be the primary example of a cult classic. Cycle World said it best when they stated “For the lucky few, the Morini is worth what it costs.”

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First Year – 1985 Kawasaki Eliminator ZL900

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Post-Sale Update: After 36 bids on eBay, this Kawasaki Eliminator ZL900 sold for $3,013. Yamaha defined a new class of bike in the mid 80s with their instant classic V-Max, but their Japanese competition was immediately on the ball. Honda released the Magna, while Team Green released the Kawasaki Eliminator ZL900 – all these bikes together created the ‘Power Cruiser/Muscle …

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1948 Mustang Model 2

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Post-Listing Update: After 21 bids on eBay, this Mustang Model 2 did not meet reserve at $3,200.01.  It’s now back up for sale with bidding already quite active at $1,925, find it here on eBay. Sold for nearly 20 years, the Mustang was developed and built in Glendale, California by Gladden Products Corporation. It started as a homebrew bike built …

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1976 Montesa 348 Trail

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Post-Listing Update: Even though it was relisted, this Montesa 348 Trail never received a single bid at $1,595. Based on the revolutionary Cota, the Montesa 348 Trail was designed as a street-legal alternative that would allow you to travel nearly anywhere, albeit slowly.

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1967 Honda S90

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You all know I love the Honda S90, so I’ve got to share them with the world when they come up for sale. This beauty has been restored both cosmetically and mechanically – you’ll get a new piston, freshly bored cylinder, NOS ignition, and for some reason, 4 keys. All the rubber has been replaced and the entire bike has …

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Chrome Tank – 1971 Yamaha R5 350

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The Yamaha R5 350cc twin punched way above its weight class and was one of the best bangs for the buck of any bike in the 70s. Though Honda had moved into the world of 4-strokes, Yamaha was making great strides in two-stroke technology. Unlike the Suzuki Titan from yesterday, Yamaha was looking to get every last drop of power …

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1994 Bimota DB2

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Post-Listing Update: This Bimota DB2 did not attract any attention at the opening bid of $14,000. One of the few 100% Italian Bimotas of the 90s, the DB2 featured a 900cc 2 valve Ducati engine (best known for its usage in the 900SS). It was never the fastest bike in the world, but for many the experience of owning a …