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1960 Harley Davidson Servi-Car

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Post-Sale Update: After being relisted, this Harley Davidson Servi-Car was purchased at a Buy-It-Now price of $15,000. The Harley Davidson Servi-Car was a very interesting three-wheeler produced for nearly 40 years.  During the Great Depression, HD was trying to figure out how they could further expand their target customer base – one of their selected targets was automotive mechanics.  Mechanics …

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1982 Honda MB5

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Post Sale Update: Unfortunately, this Honda MB5 was pulled early from the eBay auction. The Honda MB5 was only imported to the United States for one year, and it did not leave a lasting impression. However, we at Bike-urious are huge suckers for little bikes, and this one deserves to be featured.

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1 of 200: 1978 BMW R100RS Motorsport

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Post-Sale Update: This BMW R100RS Motorsport did not meet reserve with one bid at $12,000. A classic in its own right, the BMW R100RS needs no introduction. However, in 1978, BMW released a limited edition – the Motorsport. 200 were released to the United States. The fancy name of the BMW R100RS Motorsport might lead you to believe that there …

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1983 Honda CR480R

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Update – June 23, 2013. The seller has lowered the price to just $500! The Honda CR480R was the replacement for the 450 Elsinore (the swan song of that name). Built for only two years, the ’82 model was, to put it politely, below average, but the 1983 model saw several upgrades that turned it into a one-hit wonder. The …

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1974 Bultaco Pursang

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The Bultaco Pursang was one of the most famous bikes from the Bultaco line. Originally formed in 1959, Bultaco was formed primarily by former employees of the Montesa racing department. With time, Bultaco became known for off-road competition bikes, such as this Pursang, which was their most popular motorcycle in the United States. Originally offered in displacements ranging from 125cc …

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1976 MV Agusta 350S Ipotesi

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Post Sale Update: After being relisted, this MV Agusta 350S sold for $10,500. The MV Agusta 350S is a classic Italian designed by legendary automotive stylist Giorgio Giugiaro. Nicknamed the Ipotesi (Hypothesis in Italian), it was Giugiaro’s attempt at styling a bike.

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2000 Yamaha Razz

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Okay, a Yamaha Razz is not the usual quality of bike you should expect to see on this website. It’s a 49cc scooter that looks like it was built in the early 80s. But don’t worry about that. Just enjoy this ad, brought to us by Craigslist Seattle: Well done, Kyle. You definitely had the Bike-urious staff chuckling.

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Pre-Diavel – 1987 Ducati Indiana 650

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Ducati has recently made waves with their power cruiser, the Diavel. But the Italians tried their hand at a cruiser over 20 years before, with the Ducati Indiana. Like most of the featured bikes on Bike-urious, the Indiana was an incredibly interesting motorcycle that ended up as a commercial failure.

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2009 Aprilia SVX 5.5

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The Aprilia SVX 5.5 is a absolute rocket of a dual-sport supermoto. With a V-Twin engine that produces nearly 70 horsepower, and less than 320 pounds of curb weight, this bike is an incredible performer that is probably one of the most hooligan friendly bikes produced in the last twenty years.

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Yamaha TW200

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Ready for a laugh (in the good way)? Check out this Yamaha TW200, which has been modified beyond belief. The stock TW200 is an unique runabout that features a fat rear tire and excellent gas mileage and has become a slow but very capable dual-sport. This bike takes the fat rear tire concept to an extreme, with an ATV tire …

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1967 BSA Lightning

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The BSA Lightning was one of three bikes BSA was cranking out in late 1960s. These three bikes played different roles – the Thunderbird was a touring rig, the Spitfire was a supersport bike, and this lovely Lightning was the ‘tweener – more of an all-around sport bike.

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BMW K1200R Power Cup

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The BMW K1200R Power Cup was a factory built racer that competed in a one-make championship which ran in parallel with the European MotoGP races. Replacing the BMW BoxerCup, which featured the BMW R1100S, the PowerCup bikes were based on the K1200R, but had some extra aerodynamic enhancements (particularly the belly fairing) and a custom exhaust which helped free up …