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3 Wheeler – 2009 Piaggio MP3 500

In Italy, Scooter by Abhi2 Comments

We’ve always been fascinated by the Piaggio MP3 500, the claim to fame for which is its ability to lean up to 40 degrees despite having two front wheels. Capable of a top speed of 89 mph, the MP3 500 also returns 56 mpg and is capable of braking in 20% less distance compared to its two-wheeled brethren. This, in …

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1982 Krauser MKM1000

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Post Listing Update: The BIN was lowered to $36,000, but it still got no interest on eBay. 3 decades ago, Krauser was known as the world’s largest manufacturer of detachable luggage for motorcycles, especially for BMWs and Goldwings. Mike Krauser, president of his namesake company, wanted to design a top of the line road bike. The result was an entirely …

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BMW Power – 2007 GG Quad

In Germany, Standard by AbhiLeave a Comment

Powered by the drivetrain from the BMW R1150 series, the guys over at Gruter und Gut created the GG Quad, which makes the Can-Am Spyder seem cheap…and good looking. But with a MSRP of $70,000 and the fact that only 29 were sold in the US, this isn’t a quad you’ll see very often, or ever. Then again, based on …

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Legendary – 1993 BMW R100R Battle of the Legends

In Germany, Race by Abhi2 Comments

In the early 90s, the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) looked to rejuvenate American roadracing, and mixed it up with the introduction of “Sound of Singles” and Battle of Twins” classes. In their attempt to bring in more sponsorship money, they also partnered with BMW to create what would end up being one of their best-known races – the …

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1948 Sunbeam S7

In England, Standard by Abhi3 Comments

After WWII, as part of reparations, BMW gave up its designs of the BMW R75. Bikes like Chang Jiang and Ural used these designs, but England’s take was the Sunbeam S7. You can see the BMW influence when you look at a side profile, but Sunbeam wanted to differentiate themselves by utilizing a inline vertical twin instead of the German …

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1974 Montesa Cota 123

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An excellent beginner trials bike (some of our readers probably started on one of these), the Montesa Cota 123 is now a simple reminder that bikes don’t have to be giant hunks of metal and horsepower for you to have fun on them. New riders are often stunned by how tiny the original Montesa’s are, likening them to a large …

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1953 Indian Papoose

In America, Scooter, Small Displacement by AbhiLeave a Comment

Our favorite part of running this site is finding bikes we never knew existed. That trend continues today with the Indian Papoose, a 98cc, 3 hp scooter with a weathershield that got 125 mpg and could hit 35 mph. This Indian Papoose needs a little engine work (and a better photographer), but find it for sale here on eBay with …

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1993 Kawasaki KSR 50

In Japan, Small Displacement by AbhiLeave a Comment

Post Sale Update: After 21 bids on eBay, this KSR sold for $630.01. This might actually be one of the rarest Kawi’s in the US right now. They never made a 50cc version to compete with the other Japanese streetbikes of the 80s, but here’s an imported mini supermoto that’s hard to find in the US. It has some needs, …

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Street Scrambler – 1971 Norton Commando SS

In Dual-Sport, England by Abhi7 Comments

Post-Sale Update: Unfortunately, this Norton Commando SS was pulled from eBay. Final sale price unknown. Today, we feature a bike that we didn’t even know existed – the Norton Commando SS. Considering the history of Norton bikes, you’d be excused for assuming that SS stands for Super Sport, and that this might be one of a limited number of factory …

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2011 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo Custom

In America, Cruiser by AbhiLeave a Comment

Here at Bike-urious, we’re going to start experimenting with some brief postings in addition to our usual writeups, in the name of bringing you a better taste of the variety of bikes out there. Today we start with a slightly custom HD Fat Boy Lo, which we like specifically because of the Heartland USA custom parts, like the 200-series rear …

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1952 Vespa Faro Basso

In Italy, Scooter by Abhi3 Comments

12-17 Update: This Vespa Faro Basso has been relisted with the same BIN price of $13,000 here on eBay.. We’ve had a few complaints that we don’t feature enough scooters here at Bike-urious. That’s probably fair – though we don’t find (or get tips on) many scooters that truly tickle our fancy. Until now. Meet the Vespa Faro Basso – …