The Big One – 1994 Honda CB1000

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Affectionately known as the Big One, the Honda CB1000 was produced for just two years as a bike that stood out in a world of superbike replicas with acres of plastic bodywork. The slightly detuned engine didn’t help sales, and Americans weren’t ready for standards – the CB1000 ended up as a poorly-known cult classic.

Honda CB1000 - Right Side

The bike was the result of a pet project from engineers at Honda R&D who wanted to create something different. The production version used a detuned engine from the CBR1000, producing just 97 horsepower. “Just” is a relative word, but reviewers back in the day though the acceleration was disappointing. But everything else about the bike was absolutely excellent, especially for someone looking for a daily rider. Want to learn more? Check out this “Smart Money” review on why the Honda CB1000 is such a great used bike value from Motorcyclist.

Honda CB1000 - Front Right

This example has 33,000 miles and is claimed to run great. It has a couple of extras, including a Yoshimura pipe and a new Sargent seat. Find this Honda CB1000 for sale in Carlsbad, California for $4,200 here on Craigslist.