1962 Honda CB77 Super Hawk

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The Honda CB77, also known as the the Super Hawk, has the glorious distinction of being Honda’s first sportbike. This bike, in many ways like the Vincent Black Shadow, set the template for the next 20 years of motorcycles. Unlike the Black Shadow, though, the Superhawk was known for both speed and reliability, and it would lead to several future classic Hondas like the Black Bomber (CB450) and the ubiquitous CB750.

Honda CB77 Super Hawk - Tank

The 305cc engine had dual carbs, helping it produce 28 horsepower. You got an electric/kick start, steel-tube frame, and a top speed of around 100 miles per hour. A little factoid for you – a red CB77 Super Hawk was the mount of Robert Pirsig when he took the trip that was documented in the classic book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Honda CB77 Super Hawk - Cockpit

This Honda CB77 Super Hawk (VIN: CB77-24177) has gone through a nut and bolt restoration to ‘rider condition’. The top end of the engine was rebuilt and it has 15,000 miles and a California black plate. This year the bike won 3rd place in class at the San Jose Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Show. The seller notes that the starter has started to make some noise and so he will replace it before the auction ends.

Honda CB77 Super Hawk - Right Side

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