Picture Intermission – Electric Revolution at the Petersen Museum

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Last year I let you know about an exhibit at the Petersen Museum called Custom Revolution. It was the world’s first museum exhibit featuring “the new generation of customized motorcycles”, as well as the first time that the Petersen had utilized a guest curator – none other than Paul d’Orleans. Custom Revolution was such a success that he was asked to follow it up, and the result of his hard work is now open to the public!

The new exhibit is called Electric Revolution, and you can probably guess what the focus is. Hopefully, you remember that I let you know about the opening reception a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on writing something up here based on my visit, but the folks over at Motorcyclist asked if I would share a quick story for them, so you can click here to read it.

With that said, they only wanted eight photos. Here are some additional shots for your enjoyment:

As I mention in the Motorcyclist story, my favorite bike in the exhibit is Mark Atkinson’s Racer X:

In the background is James McKeone, the man behind the NoBraking podcast. I did an episode with him late last year – have you given it a listen?

Here’s the man with his creation:

The top of the machine almost makes me think of the valve cover of a gasoline motor.

Hopefully you remember Mark from another fascinating creation of his, the BMW Alpha:

RSD eHooligan

The Mission One prototype is part of the show – it was also on display at last year’s Quail Motorcycle Gathering.

In 2009, this set the AMA electric land speed record at Bonneville with an average run of 150.059 mph.

TARFORM is a commuter with 3d printed bodywork made from a biodegradable plastic based on flax.

Fancy a closer look at the bodywork material?

fUCI was created by Robert Egger, the Creative Director at Specialized Bicycles. The description is best left to Paul himself:
““fUCI” aims a middle finger at bicycling’s governing sports body, the UCI, breaking all its rules with its streamlining, asymmetric wheels, and especially the electric boost motor beneath the chassis.”

This bike has also been on display at the Quail.

“Moto Undone” was another personal highlight of the show thanks to the mirror finish.

I spent a long time looking at it from different angles to see what reflections I could find.

Here’s the rear tire of the Huge Design Zero FXS.

Most of the bikes are very cool, but I just can’t get myself to like the Curtiss Motorcycles Zeus. It was revealed at the Quail last year, and I liked a lot of what the Director of Design (Jordan Cornille) had to say but the bike itself doesn’t speak to me. Hopefully you feel otherwise.

The quirky blue color didn’t help, either.

Lastly, as a bonus: this has absolutely nothing to do with Electric Revolution except for the fact that it’s on the same floor as the exhibit. It’s the original Dome Zero prototype!

The prototype took two years to build, and the folk tale is that workers took so few breaks that four married employees became single by the time the car was created.

Hope you enjoyed! Click here for more information on how you can check out the exhibit in person.