Picture Intermission – Immaculate Paintings

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As a good friend of mine puts it, “Petrolicious has become the thinking-person’s Jalopnik, and continues to amaze.” After poking around the site (and spending way too much time there), I can’t say I’d disagree – not that I don’t enjoy Jalopnik! Nevertheless, the reason I bring all this up is because Petrolicious just featured some of the most detailed paintings of motorcycles I’ve ever seen. Frankly, I didn’t even believe they were paintings at first.

Seevert Works - BMW Right Side

Head to the above link for Petrolicious’ write-up on Kenji Shibata and his company, Seevert Works. Or head here to go straight to Kenji’s site. So cool. Use the toolbar on the left to help find the bikes you’re interested in – most, if not all of the paintings are for sale.

Seevert Works -  Honda Painting

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