1962 Cezeta 502

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Two straight days of two-wheelers with odd protruding headlights! After yesterday’s Iron Pig, today we’ve got a Cezeta 502.

Cezeta 502 - Gauges

Cezetas were built between ’57 and ’64 in the former Czechoslovakia, though the parent company (CZ) existed from 1935 to 1997. The Cezeta stands out thanks to its distinctive design, with the odd nose and the long seat that doubles as the opening to an impressively-sized storage compartment. The fuel tank is in the hump above the front wheel, leading to inside jokes among riders that the shape combined with the fuel up front meant you were really riding a torpedo or rocket. The engine was a 175cc 4-stroke with an electric start. Thanks to the long wheelbase, the turning radius is quite large. Apparently, Czech riders used to call this scoot “the Pig”.

Cezeta 502 - Right Side

This specific Cezeta 502 has undergone a recent restoration when it was featured on the History Channel show American Restoration (episode title: Cold War Cruisin’). The restoration occurred 3 years ago, and the scoot has seen just 40 miles of use since.

Cezeta 502 - Front Left

Find this Cezeta 502 for sale in Newtown Square, Pennsyvlania with an opening bid of $9,000

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