Picture Intermission – The Motorcycles of MotoDoffo

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Last week I was at the launch of the Honda CBR650R/CB650R (UDPATE: here’s my review), and Honda took us to lunch at Doffo Winery in Temecula, California. What I’m doing for lunch isn’t normally something I’d bother you with, but the owner of Doffo Winery (Marcelo Doffo) is a bike nut and he’s converted the former barrel room into a motorcycle collection!

The reason we were there. Photo by Kevin Wing

I was busy eating and then recording a video review of the CBR, but I ignored work for a moment to snag some pictures for you. The collection includes over “100 motorcycles and scooters spanning 8 decades from manufacturers like Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Honda, CZ, Vespa, and more.” There’s also plenty of parts and other display pieces. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

Shelina Moreda takes a moment to check out the bikes.

This one confuses me. It’s labeled as a 1966 Honda with a 110 motor, but I’m not aware of such a thing. I think it’s a CA110 (50cc motor), but the tank confuses me. It looks like a S90 piece but there’s some sort of offset bump on the top. Who knows what we’re looking at?

One of Ducati’s first products before they got into motorcycles.

There’s plenty of bikes hung up on the walls just outside of the barrel room, as well.

Not a bad view!

There’s also a few bikes in unexpected locales on the property:

If you’re too far from Temecula, you can check out the collection online. Otherwise, visit the MotoDoffo website for more information on how you can view these bikes in person (and maybe treat your significant other to a glass of wine in the process)! I hear that winery hosts race viewings during MotoGP season that are worth checking out, if you needed extra motivation…