Restored Police Special – 1969 Honda CB450P

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Post Listing Update: This CB450 police bike did not meet reserve despite 27 bids up to $15,200 on eBay in Fullerton, California.

One of the rarer Honda motorcycles in the US, the CB450P (also occasionally referred to as the CP450) is a police model based on Honda’s popular CB450. I’ve featured a couple based on the KO Black Bomber model, but K1 police bikes are even harder to find. The seller of this example has spared you the trouble of bringing this back to life as he acquired it in pieces and restored it.

The Police Special got some trick features including patrol lights, a rear rack to house the radio or other options, and a speedo calibrated to 1 mph that had a ‘stop’ button – press it while you matching the speed of a vehicle and it would pause the needle so you could refer to it later. But the coolest feature has to be the siren, which was turned on with a lever and operated from a drum that was driven by the rear wheel – the faster you went, the louder the siren was! For more on the CB450P, check out this story on Motorcycle Classics about a ’68 model.

The seller of this example (VIN: CB450P-3011924) claims that “approximately 250 K1 police models were made worldwide” and that “every piece of the bike was restored, refurbished or replaced with 50 year old OEM Honda parts in original packing“. Everything is said to work, and I appreciate that this bike was saved from a potential visit to the junkyard – one of the photos in the listing shows just how bad this bike was:

Find this CB450P for sale in Fullerton, California with bidding up to $9,800 and the reserve not yet met