In Canada – 1993 Kawasaki ZX750R-M1

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Post Listing Update: This Kawasaki did not meet reserve despite 19 bids up to $11,550.

In 1991, Kawasaki started offering a homologation special based on the ZX-7 (known outside of the US as the ZXR-750). It was designated with an additional R at the end of the model name, and nowadays it’s the model that collectors look out for. For 1993, the ZX-7 got ram-air intake and an adjustable swingarm pivot.

This bike (VIN: JKAZXDM13PA000103) was submitted by reader Ray K, who also passed along some very helpful context. Seeing as he knows more about this bike than I do, I asked him if I could shared his knowledge:

“The basis for Scott Russell 1993 WSBK Championship winning bike, these homologation specials had a unique frame which allowed the rear swingarm pivot position to be adjustable, aluminum gas tank, flat slide carbs, aluminum rear subframe and solo rear cowl, remote reservoir rear shock, fully adjustable front forks and close ratio transmission, all of which the regular production model didn’t get. I believe 500 were produced to meet homologation requirements, but the production wasn’t sold out, so the factory sold the ’93s that were leftover as ’94s with a different graphic treatment to the gas tank. The ’94s were known as M2s, but the VINs still have M1 in them.

The listed bike looks pretty good. It has an aftermarket windscreen and is missing the reflectors which go on the sides of the fairings at the seam between the upper and mids. It is hard to tell from the photos, but the bike may also be missing the helmet lock and rear subframe tab for the lock from the left rear of the bike. These were commonly cut off for a sleeker look. Unfortunately it is a pretty bad sin, as subframes are pretty much impossible to find.”

For more information, check out this site dedicated to the ZX-7 lineup.

Find this M1 for sale in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada with bidding up to $7,100 and the reserve not yet met

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Ray K!

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