What Do You Want To Know? 2020 BMW S1000RR

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Give me a moment to shed a tear – the asymmetrical headlight design has been killed off. 10 years ago, BMW redefined what a modern superbike could be, and it wasn’t just from a performance standpoint. The shark gills and oddball headlights made the S1000RR the most visually-distinctive offering in the class, while the engine (lightest and most powerful) and electronics package (the best ever seen in a production bike to date) made it the best in class, as well. But time (and Yamaha) have moved on, so BMW’s fighting back with an all-new S1000RR. What do you want to know about it?

Here’s two riders being much cooler on the RR than I will ever be:

Output is up to 205 horsepower (up 8), while weight is down to 435 pounds (down 20). But it’s the same story as the Versys 1000 SE LT+ I just reviewed – the big news here is in the electronics.

The variable valve timing technology dubbed “ShiftCam” that debuted on the R1250GS will be available here as well, with the idea that torque is maximized before 9,000rpm when you’re in town and horsepower is maximized above 9,000rpm when you’re on the track.

Helping to harness that extra power is some standard features and some options: ABS Pro (BMW’s name for cornering ABS), Launch Control, Dynamic Traction Control with independent wheelie control, Shift Assistant Pro (BMW’s name for a up-and-down quickshifter), and four ride modes: Race, Dynamic, Road, Rain, with the option of three levels of Race Pro that allow you to customize settings such as the traction control and even engine braking.

One fancy option is Dynamic Damping Control (BMW’s name for semi-active electronic suspension), but there’s even some concessions to street civility such as cruise control and Hill Start Control.

The dash is a full color 6-inch TFT screen, and it looks like it will be the kind of thing that requires you to actually read the manual.

On the aggressive side of things, this is the first time that a BMW motorcycle will get the famous “M” treatment that’s been long associated with their cars. This reduces weight by another 8 pounds down to 427 thanks to carbon fiber wheels, lightweight battery, lightweight seat with seat cover, and more. It includes Ride Modes Pro that gives you all the electronic craziness highlighted above, and it also gives you the beautiful red/white/blue BMW Motorsport livery in the featured photo. The non-M bike will only be available in Racing Red:

Fair warning: I’m not an expert track rider and I will simply not be able to maximize the performance limits of this bike. My review will therefore be from a perspective of someone who wants to see how much better I’ll be able to ride thanks to the incredible technology that BMW has baked into this bike. Plus, when BMW asks you to come ride this bike at Barber Motorsports Park, are you going to say no?

Check out what BMW has to say about the new S1000RR, then hit me with your questions in the comments!

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