Power Products Project – Motorized Bicycle

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Based out of Grafton, Wisconsin, Power Products was formed in 1946 and was sold to Tecumseh in 1957. One of their products was the “1000” motor, a tiny two-stroke that they would sell to manufacturers and slapped onto all kinds of products – personal lawnmowers, farm equipment like augers, outboard boat engines, go-carts, you name it! Obviously, someone figured it’d be a good idea to strap one on to a bicycle, as well.

Unfortunately, I can’t make out who makes the frame of this bicycle from the pictures to determine if this was originally sold as a motorized bicycle or if some crafty individual created this by him or herself. The seller of this example says that he’s never tried to start it…and that’s all he has to say. So at this point it’s just art, but hopefully the next owner will make it a runner again.

Find this Power Products-powered bicycle for sale in Westford, Massachusetts here on Craigslist for $900.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Russell G!