Press Bike – 1971 AJS Stormer 250

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1-21-17 Update: 2.5 years later, this Stormer is back up for sale – and it looks like the most recent seller is on pace to make a profit. Find this bike now in Goleta, California with bidding up to $3,500 and 4 days left on the bidding

Post-Sale Update: After 36 bids on eBay, this AJS Stormer sold for $3,650.

The AJS Stormer was a bit of a flop, as it was a last ditch effort by Norton-Villiers to dump excess inventory of Starmaker engines. However, it was the first MX bike to feature shocks that had been moved up as well as leading axle forks, so the chassis was at least worthy of the venerable AJS name. Head on over to Motocross Action Magazine to learn more if you so desire. This specific example (VIN: Y1298) has quite a story. After the distributor put on break-in miles, it was given to Cycle World for testing. For unknown reasons, the bike stayed with the magazine after AJS went out of business, so the bike went to Cycle World’s off-road editor. It has since moved around, but it really only has testing miles on it. It’s absolutely beautiful and it has the original Dunlop Sports tires, which according to MAM are worth about a grand in like-new condition just by themselves! Find this AJS Stormer for sale with bidding up to $2,800 and the reserve not yet met in Costa Mesa, California

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