Production Racer – 1967 Yamaha TD1-C

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2-15 Update: This Yamaha is back up for sale, with bidding up to $6,660 and the reserve not yet met

Post-Listing Update: This TD1-C did not meet reserve at $12,634.99 – it was relisted but then only got up to $7,600 the second time around.

Produced for two years, the Yamaha TD1-C was a grand improvement over its predecessor, thanks in part to the fact that they finally ditched the clutch on the crankshaft system Yamaha had been since ’57.

Yamaha TD1-C - Left Side

Other changes included engine work that boosted power up to nearly 40 horsepower out of the 250cc engine. That was good for a top speed of almost 130 miles per hour, depending on gearing. While the TD series had some success with the A and B models, the C was truly a giant killer. For more information on the TD1-C, check out this write-up from Classic Yams. At the end of that article is a picture that illustrates how good the power to weight ratio was – racers were taping pieces of lead to the fork tubes to weigh down the front and keep the wheel from constantly coming off the pavement under acceleration!

Yamaha TD1-C - Right Side

This specific Yamaha TD1-C (VIN: TD1C-000223) is a restored tribute to John Buckner’s #53 racer. Buckner badly hurt himself in a crash on another TD1 and kept this model in storage for 40 years. The current seller rebuilt it as a tribute, including an interesting split paint job – the right half of the tank is in original white finish with gold lettering, while the left half of the tank features the paint job applied in ’67 under Buckner’s care. Non-original parts include the AirTech TD1 replacement fairing, shocks, top fairming mount, and the front fender, which is missing.

Yamaha TD1-C - Cockpit

Find this Yamaha TD1-C for sale in Fayetteville, Arkansas with bidding up to $10,000 and the reserve not yet met

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