Rare in the US – 1993 Yamaha SRX400

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While Yamaha offered the SRX in the US as a 600 and a 250 (one year only for each), they also sold an in-between version in their home market of Japan to compete in the highly-contested (due to license restrictions) 400cc market.

As noted by this fan page, the 3VN generation was a complete redesign that featured a mono shock swingarm with aluminum swing arm, 17″ wheels, and larger (38mm) forks.

The seller of this example says it has been restored: “pretty much every part on this bike was replaced or renewed in some fashion.” It also got some serious upgrades: JB Power headlight bracket, rearsets, and full titanium exhaust, plus Core Moto lines, upgraded calipers, Ohlins shock, Race Tech Gold Valves in the forks, Mikuni CR carbs, and a few other pieces. It got a SRX250 speedometer that had been zero’d out as part of the restoration, and that now shows 8 miles. The opening ask is steep, but good luck finding another one in the US…

Find this SRX for sale in Jupiter, Florida with an unmet opening bid of $7,500 here on eBay.