1990 Suzuki VX800

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The Suzuki VX800 is an interesting cult bike that was discontinued in the US after 3 years after disappointing sales, though the European market saw production run from 1990-1997. A classic looking naked bike, it had comfortable steering geometry and a torquey engine that helped make this bike a fantastic all-arounder, despite its 500+ pound curb weight.

Oddly enough, the Suzuki VX800 is one of only a very small number of standard bikes with a V-Twin engine. Easily one of the most versatile bikes built in the 1990s, it had classic looks but was still capable of smoothly handling corners. You can expect anywhere from 60-100k on the engine before it might need some top end work. Shaft drive added to the versatility and helped make this bike both a great commuter and long-distance tourer. With that said, if you’re looking to make this a tourer, there are plenty of aftermarket bag solutions, and Rifle makes a nice looking front fairing to deflect away the wind.

This example is one of the cleaner examples I’ve seen, though there’s a few scratches and the exhaust has some rash. In the last 20 miles (it’s not made clear how long ago that was, time-wise), the bike got an oil change, brake fluid flush, coolant flush, and a whole bunch of new parts: battery, tires, needles/seats in carbs, rectifier/regulator, brake pads, rear rotor, and more. The seller notes that there’s a small mileage discrepancy on the title: “Only issue is the mileage – the previous owner put 16,945 on the title and the bike only has 16,418 on it.”

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