Rare Non-Runner – 1956/7 Triumph Fips

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We’ve accumulated quite a collection of bikes for sale over the years, so it’s always a pleasant surprise when I get to share something that I’ve never posted about before. Today’s example of such a feat is brought to you by reader Bob K, who sent me a link to a Triumph Fips. This is from the German Triumph, which might confuse you. Did you know that Triumph was founded as a bicycle manufacturer by a German Siegfried Bettman in 1886? Siegfried would go on to create another bicycle manufacturer a decade later in his hometown of Nuremberg, and he called it the “German Triumph Cycle Company.” Later on, it was re-branded as TWN, and that’s the company that made this rare, weirdly-named scooter.

The Fips was only sold in 1956 and 1957, but the seller doesn’t know which year this was made. Either way, it features a Sachs 47cc 2-stroke motor paired with a 2-speed transmission. Unfortunately, the seller has never tried to make it run, so you’re either going to use it for display or have to do some experimenting to get it to work again.

Find this Triumph Fips for sale in Horace, North Dakota for $2,400 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Bob K!

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