Rare Project – 1946 Gazelle

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Post Listing Update: This Gazelle was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown.

Gazelle is a Dutch bicycle company that has an impressive history going back to 1892. In fact, the company was officially renamed “Royal Dutch Gazelle” by Princess Margriet of the Netherlands in 1992 to celebrate their centenary. Like many bicycle companies, Gazelle experimented with the production of mopeds and small motorcycles, though the man in charge did so reluctantly. Per Sheldon’s EMU, the general-director J. Breunink said, “there are two threats, communists and mopeds”.

Gazelle utilized third party motors for their powered vehicles, and their most common source was J LO. This example (VIN: 744050) uses a J LO 118cc two-stroke motor and according to the seller it runs great. However, the clutch cable snapped and for some reason he was unable to get the transmission out of gear. He has removed the chain so that the bike can roll, and hopefully the next owner will just have to replace the clutch cable and re-install the chain before they’ve got a rare runner.

Find this Gazelle for sale in Walnut, California with bidding up to $2,500 (while there’s no BIN, the seller notes that they’d sell it “before the auction ends for $3,800 or a reasonable offer”)

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