Rare in Red – 1966 Honda CB450

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It’s like a Zen Koan: Is a motorcycle truly rare with a serial # of 29,xxx? It may be. I am very familiar with the CB450 ‘Black Bomber’, I seriously wanted one at the time. Every CB450 shipped to the US in 1966 was black, and was called the ‘Black Bomber’. Except for less than 500 white ones which were designated for police use and commonly called the ‘White Bomber’. Bike-urious has featured this variant here. The ‘Red Bomber’ was shipped only to the European market. Which means it IS rare in the US.


The 1966 CB450 used a 445 CC (27.1 CID) air cooled four stroke dual overhead cam parallel twin motor that produced 45 HP through a four speed transmission for a top speed in excess of 100 MPH. The tubular cradle frame (412 LBS Dry weight) combined with good brakes and exceptional electrics made the CB450 a very rideable machine.


This 1966 CB450 (Vin# CB450-29XXX) is in Alhambra, CA and is listed as a complete restoration and the photos seem to bear that out. The listing shows extensive work and history. The Red Bomber is currently priced at $4,727 with the reserve not met