Rathmell Rep – 1976 Montesa Cota 348

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Malcolm Rathmell was a champion trials rider who rode a prototype Montesa Cota 348 in the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1975 – he placed second. During his career, he won the British Trails Championship six times in a ten year period, as well as the World Championship in 1974. He went on to start a mail order business in trails motorcycles, which has since evolved into Malcolm Rathmell Sport Limited, an importer of Sherco motorcycles. The 348 was considered by some to be a standard-setter in ’76. It featured a 306cc air-cooled single that produced about 16 horsepower. This specific Cota 348 has just been serviced and is claimed to run excellent. It’s claimed to be a Rathmell replica, though I previously thought the replicas were limited to 1977 and had Rathmell’s signature on the bodywork.

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