Reader Poll – Ugliest Bikes of All Time?

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When I featured a BMW R1200C yesterday, I noted that it had “distinct styling”. Commenter czmx called me out on my diplomatic wording, saying that the R1200C was on his personal UBOAT (Ugliest Bike of All Time) list. He then took it one step further, suggesting I ask Bike-urious readers what they thought the ugliest bikes of all time were…so let’s try it!

In the comments below, give me your top 5 ugliest bikes of all time. Please format them as:

1.) Ugliest bike ever
2.) 2nd ugliest bike ever
3.) 3rd ugliest bike ever
4.) 4th ugliest bike ever
5.) 5th ugliest bike ever

I’ll give it a few days to make sure people have a chance to share their opinions, then I’ll compile all the results and let you know what the consensus is. I’m not mentioning my list just yet, but I need to use a photo for this post so I’m using an image that gives up one of my 5. Gah.

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