Reader Ride – 1973 Honda CL350 Flying Dragon

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Post-Listing Update: Despite the outcome on the listing, I’m told this Honda CL350 Flying Dragon sold for $3,800 on eBay.

A little known tidbit of Honda history is in ’72 and ’73, you could order an incredible set of alternate bodywork for CL350 or CL450 models – an idea that came from Honda’s paint department because they figured these crazy Americans were obsessed with tie dye, and some would want a similar scheme on their motorcycles. The Honda CL350 Flying Dragon was born.

Honda CL350 Flying Dragon - Gauges

It seems that 4 variants of the “Flying Dragon” scheme were offered, but all were unpopular. Funny how that works now – 40 years later these rare paint jobs can command a steep premium. I would have thought this was an idea from American Honda, but thanks to part numbers fans have been able to confirm that this was indeed thought up at Honda Japan. For more on the Flying Dragon and its odd “tie-dye” scheme, check out this article from Motorcycle Classics. You may notice that a certain gentleman named “Bob Kelly” is quoted in that article as an expert on these bikes – this is his motorcycle for sale!

Honda CL350 Flying Dragon - Left Side

This specific Honda CL350 Flying Dragon (VIN: CL3504054313) has 13,000 miles and is the Green/Purple combination. The motor has recently been rebuilt, and while the exhaust has a couple of scrapes, the defining paint scheme is flawless, as the whole set was actually found in New Old Stock condition and installed in 2012. You’ll definitely stand out on this bike!

Honda CL350 Flying Dragon - Tank

Find this Honda CL350 Flying Dragon for sale in Erie, Colorado with bidding up to $1,973 and the reserve not yet met

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Robert K!

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