Rebuilt by Colorado Norton Works – 1975 Norton Commando

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Post Listing Update: This Commando did not meet reserve despite 36 bids up to $18,362 on eBay.

The 1970s Norton Commando was one of several notable products coming from the British motorcycle industry. As electric starters, disc brakes, and smooth operation became mainstays of Japanese competitors, British bike sales declined and quality stayed the same. Then, in 1975, the Mark III Norton Commando 850 paired modern components with their classic twin engine to charm the world once again. In addition to an electric starter, 1975 was the first year of left side shifting, introduced to comply with DOT regulations.

Colorado Norton Works completed a fresh restoration on this 1975 Mark III Norton Commando (VIN: 325776). The braking and electronic systems have been upgraded to increase reliability. Just 1,723 miles have been ridden since the restoration, but the gauges appear to be new and the original mileage is unclear. However, a clean title suggests that the information may be worth finding out.

Find this Commando for sale in Dallas, Texas with bidding up to $7,850 and the reserve not yet met

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