Reno Leoni-Built Racer – 1985 Ducati F1A

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Post Listing Update: This F1A did not meet reserve despite 12 bids up to $7,101 on eBay in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Built by Reno Leoni, this F1A has a history that the owner calls “spotty”, though he’s done a pretty good job tracking down as much as he could from websites and some old threads on Pantaheads. Let’s have a history lesson…

Per the seller, this bike (VIN; ZDM3AA3L3FB000435) was originally purchased by Leoni and then campaigned for Team Leoni “by an amateur rider with first name Dave but no record of his last name. The bike was built with NCR cams, Malossi 41.5 mm carbs, Verlicchi swingarm, Marzocchi M1R forks.” Jim Baker acquired it in 1987 and raced it in Pro Twins, eventually selling it in 2004 to Brad Turner. A few months later a quick blurb appeared on loudbike. In 2008, the bike was sold to Eric Webster, and then the bike made its way to the current owner in 2015 (who clear coats the tank as soon as he acquires it to preserve a signature from Reno that was penned at Barber Vintage Days back in 2005.

The seller stripped the bike down and built it back up, documenting much of the work in this album. “Except for a trip to the MCC/Norton Club vintage show and a couple of track days at Blackhawk the bike has seen little use since my purchase.” Go through the listings for more details on the history and the current configuration, but some highlights of the latter include Cosworth pistons, NCR carms, Malossi 41.5mm carbs, Marzocchi M1R forks, Verlicchi swingarm, Tecnomagnesio wheels, and a Fox shock.

Find this Ducati racer for sale in Glen Ellyn, Illinois with bidding up to $6,900 and the reserve not yet met

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